Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Mini Vacation

We went away for the weekend to a friends house at the Jersey Shore and it was sooo relaxing. It was a much needed break and I spent some time with a great friend. She is Mexican and gives me some insight into the culture that I might not otherwise get. It helps to have a good friend that you can talk to and one that can give you some great tips. We cooked (well the men did;) we talked, relaxed, played at the beach and loved our kids. Thank you Suzana! Cant wait to see you in July.
PS When I find the camera I'll post some Pictures :)

Since being home school has ended for me. The summer is now free for my time to enjoy my home, my husband, the girls and life. Ive been doing a lot of cooking the ast two days. Last night I made brownies, cookies with caramel, fried fish, rice, veggies and coleslaw salad. I had fun and my Hubby really enjoyed the dinner when he got home from worked. He was so tired from working an 18 hour day he almost collapsed into bed but not before a good home cooked meal. I also got up this morning early to make him eggs, coffee and his lunch. I packed him leftovers but its better then something from the deli made by a stranger.

I picked up some fabric this weekend and hope to sew a simple project this week and the best part of all I saved over $95.00 this today on grocery shopping using my coupons. Thank you Jesus for a great week!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some Happenings.

The father daughter dance was a big hit this year because both girls got to go with daddy.

Nursing class officially ended yesterday. AP I that is. Ugh finally I needed a break.

We decided to go to the shore thi weekend for a three days with the kids for some MUCH needed rest. Relaxation is definitely on my mind.

I am gearing up to go shopping tonight with my coupons. Ill let you know how I did tomorrow. I'm so excited its the thrill of the hunt.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Communion Party

We enjoyed a beautiful cake.

We opened gifts.

Took photos together and enjoyed the day.

And enjoyed the ceremony.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Coupon Savings.

I started saving money using coupons and yesterday was my first day. This is what I got at CVS for $1.00. Oh the excitement. I saved $73.56 total for the day at Stop and Shop using my coupons and the Extreme Couponing website ideas. I bought a binder that zips shut and put clear page protectors in it with my coupons seperated by category not expiration date. All the sites I read suggested this was an easier way to keep them organized. I was a bit clumbsy in the store but made out okay considering it was my first time.div>