Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

I laughed at this sight the other day when my daughter was sick. She was on the couch being comforted by two dogs and a cat. There's no other way she would have chosen to spend the day. Believe me shes the animal lover.

Yes I am making Tuesday my day to remember what I am thankful for since I seem to feel a bit overwhelmed today. I started school today and when I logged on my two courses where there, Anatomy and Physiology and HIV and Aids. When I opened the learning module there was about 50 pages I need to print and get through reading before I actually attend class tomorrow. I must admit my heart started to pound with an overwhelming feeling. So I calmed myself printed them out, organized them into two binders and started plugging away. I am still not done between the kids, cooking and so on but I AM THANKFUL I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND COLLEGE AGAIN.

I have to organized and document all of my 2010 business receipts on excel into categories then subcategories. There are about 600 receipts. I separated them into monthly piles this morning and have started to develop the spreadsheets. I am not nearly done but I AM THANKFUL WE HAVE WORK.

Oh I almost forgot I tried this lasagna recipe from http://www.cookingwithlittles.blogspot.com/ she has some really great simple recipes if you have the time check them out. I took pictures but cant locate my camera at the moment to show you :)

My kids are home from school today again. The house is a mess, its noisy and I feel a wreck myself but I AM THANKFUL WE ARE ALL SAFE AND HAPPY.

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  1. Hi Stephanie, the envelopes came with the cards. I used white note cards and just covered them with scrapbook papers.