Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sweet Mother, my best friend.

My mother turned 65 today and it seems like yesterday she was my age raising me. Now I am in her shoes with the children,house, husband and the things that go along with raising a family. I often think of how my mother rarely and I mean rarely got upset with me ( and believe me I wasn't easy), she never yelled, she always bought me books to read (which at the time i grumbled for toys) she always made me beautiful clothes and clothes for my barbies too. Thinking back on how she raised me I realize how selfless she was, no matter how tired she always let me sit on the counted to watch her cook, or play on the floor while she sewed clothes. She always tucked me in bed with a kiss and took me bike riding, drove me ballet twice a week and waited for me. I know how crazy my daily routine is and I always hope to raise my children with as much love, grace and care as my mother did for me. To this day my mother is my closest confidant, true friend and a great person. I love you mom, Happy Birthday.


  1. What a sweet post! Tell your Mom happy birthday for me!

  2. Happy Birthday, Martha. Love your mother!

  3. All she did with me was hit me with a wooden spoon!